About Us

Corporate Office / Warehouse:
777 Schwab road, unit J
Hatfield, PA 19440 USA
Tel: 267 – 649 – 7799
Fax: 267 – 649 – 7826
Email: info@acmehardwareusa.com

ACME Window Hardware was established in 1997 with more than 110,000 sq ft area, 70,000 sq ft production space, over 250 staffs and workers located in Liantang Industrial Zone, Qingpu District. Shanghai, China. Capable of producing 4 different categories, and over 1200 different window hardware products.

We are committed in producing both high quality and unique design products that are AAMA certified and NAMI listed (National Accreditation & Management Institute, Inc.) All ACME Hardware products are qualified for both the USA & Canadian standards. To date, ACME Window Hardware has delivered to more than 1 million operators across North America. We can cater to a variety of clients with diverse needs in windows manufacturing and most importantly, we now have patented several specialized products both in the USA & Canada.

ACME Window Hardware would like to thank all of our long-term customers for all their support. We are honored to continue delivering great service, high quality products and newest technologies to US and Canada window industries. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.